Frame System of Multi-span Light Deprivation Greenhouse:

1-Hot dip galvanized steel framework,275/m2,15 year warranty;

2-Stable and Strong Structure.

3-Fully fabricated in factory, no welding.

4-Excellent anti-corrosion effectiveness.

5- Multi-span for professional growers.


Coverings of Multi-span Light Deprivation Greenhouse,optional as below:

1- Twin-wall Polycarbonate Sheet for wall ;

2- Sandwich corrugated sheet for wall&roof;

3- Polythene Film for wall and roof.

Cooling Pad of Light Deprivation Greenhouse:

1-For fully blackout, black pad will be used;

2-When the pad window is open, it is still black inside;

Cooling Fan of Light Deprivation Greenhouse: