Corrugated Polycarbonate Greenhouse

1-Structure: Hot-dip galvanized 275g, 15 years warranty; Gothic Arch Style.
2- Covering material: Roof covered by 200micron plastic film while 4 sides with yellow corrugated polycarbonate sheet,10 years warranty;
3-Feature: Long life , Heat-insulation; Energy saving in hot summer cooling.
4-Suitable in desert climate condition in Middle east and Africa, etc
A-Outside&Inside Shading System Electric Controlled;
B- Cooling Pad & Fan System.
C-Auto-Environment Controlled Style.
Span Width: 8m/9.6m
Gutter Height:3.0m/3.5m/4.0m/4.5m/5.0m;
Section Size:4.0m/5.0m